II. Analyses of individual parties

1. Europe

b. The Party of the European Left

Speech of Prof. Dr. Lothar Bisky, Chairman of the PDS International Meeting, Initiative for the foundation of the Party of the European Left, Berlin, 10-11 January, 2004 >>more On the Foundation of the Party of the European Left (EL) - Helmut Ettinger Europe is growing together. On 1 May 2004, after long labour pains, the old European Union of the Fifteen became the EU of the Twenty-five. Hardly anyone doubts that Romania and Bulgaria will be the next members in 2007. Turkey remains under discussion as a candidate, however shrilly the German conservatives may foretell the downfall of the Christian Occident. ... >>more Some current perspectives on the creation of the Party of the European Left - Helmut Scholz Six years ago, in June 1998, personalities from a number of left socialist, Communist and red-green parties of the European Union met in Berlin on the eve of the 1999 elections to the European Parliament to think about new forms and ways of cooperation. Many parties of the transforming European Left, after a phase of difficult reorientation of their politics after the upheavals of 1989/90, had reached the conclusion that it was high time to build up a more concrete collaboration, so as to convey a common profile to this European Left. ... >>more