II. Analyses of individual parties

1. Europe

l. Sweden

Rosa Luxemburg e la partecipazione al governo: Il suo pensiero e il dibattito attuale - Monica Quirico A broader look on participation of left parties in government, comparing Sweden and Italy, a contribution to Rosa-Luxenburg-conference hosted by the RLS on the 3rd and 4th of march, 2006. >> more  Problems and Prospects for the social  democratic movement in Sweden, and the relationship between the Social Democrats and the Left Party - Håkan A Bengtsson The social democratic movement in Sweden has historically been very successful. Firstly in one important aspect, its ability to stay in power. During the 82 years Sweden has had its full form of democracy in terms of equal vote for all, both men and women, the social democratic party has formed the government and held the post of Prime Minister. Sometimes in coalition of course, for instance in 1962. ... >>more Left Parties in Sweden. Theses - Edeltraut Felfe Presented at the International Workshop of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation “Left-wing Parties in Comparison: Basic Conditions, Strategic Approaches and Success Criteria” 12 and 13 December in Berlin >>more The Swedish Experience; the Decline of the "People's Home" - Stefan Sjöberg The Swedish welfare state stood at the end of the 1970s at its highest point. It was considered as an admireable example from the perspective of many other countries round the world. Since then the ”Swedish Model” has changed in many respects and it is now put under severe pressure. It seems resonable to put it like the ”People´s home” is beginning to dissolve. ... >>more The Swedish Left Party in Europe; towards a Strategy for Economic Democracy together with Social Democracy? - Stefan Sjöberg Presented at the "The Democratic Left Parties of Europe – a political project for the future in the enlarged European Union?" IV. European Conference of the Rosa-Luxemburg Foundation, Warsaw, October 29-31, 2003 >>more Parliamentary successes – organisational crisis. The experiences of the Swedish Left Party - Henning Süssner The 1990s were, from a certain point of view, among the most successful decades of the history of the Left Party. The former CP of Sweden, during the years 1990-93, initiated a radical course of political renewal. Despite growing resistance from the rows of the membership and not last the youth organisation towards the end of the decade, the parliamentary election results could be continually improved. ... >>more