II. Analyses of individual parties

1. Europe

m. Greece

The welfare state in Greece - Thanasis Maniatis The Greek welfare state is at a critical point. Its late development, the influence of both social democratic and liberal traditions and the lack of a coherent structure, the fiscal austerity inherited from the period of the integration of the country in the EMU and established afterwards, increased demands from the unemployed, the poor and an aging population, chronic demands for higher public education and public health spending, the annoying realities of intense income inequalities and high poverty rates have created a difficult but interesting situation for the analysis of the prospects and limits of social policy in a capitalist economy. ... >>more The process towards a European Party of the left - Panos Trigazis 4th European Conference, Warsaw, 29 – 31 October 2003“The Democratic Left Parties in Europe – a political project for the future in the enlarged European Union?”

The initiative of the “Rosa Luxemburg Foundation” to organize this conference deserves every praise for many obvious reasons. Among them the choice of the venue is one of the most significant as this capital, Warsaw, means a lot for the European history and for the enlargement of the European Union. ...