II. Analyses of individual parties

1. Europe

g. Italy

Italien Elections 2006 - a Phyrric Victory? - Monica Quirico The result could be worse: a Berlusconi’s overwhelming triumph. But the very thin majority got by Prodi’s coalition is not encouraging at all. >> more Labour Cost, Social Security and Employee Severance Funds - Felice Roberto Pizzuti There are many significant links between labour cost, social security and employee severance funds (Trattamento di Fine Rapporto – TFR). Decisions regarding each of them may affect the overall long-term development of economic and social policies in Italy through these links. ... >>more Experiences of the European Left - Mimmo Porcaro

A contribution to the workshop “Novos desafios da esquerda na América do sul”, S.Paulo 24-26 nov. 2003

>>more Preliminary Conditions for Efficient Action of Radical Left Parties in Europe - Mimmo Porcaro

Contribution to the IVth European Conference of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, Warsaw, October 2003


>>Italian version