VI. Partners

Nicos Poulantzas Society, Athens, Greece
The Nicos Poulantzas Society was founded in October 1997 on the initiative of the Greek political party "SYNaspismos - Coalition of the Left and Progress". It aims at fostering the principles of the Left, systematically developing awareness of contemporary political and social issues and exploring the emerging changes within society at large. The Society's fundamental functional principles are commitment to the ideals of democratic socialism and emphasis on the public character of its functions. The members of the Society belong to the broad democratic Left, and they are not all members of 'SYNaspismos'.

The Society is named after the late Greek political scientist and euro-communist activist Nicos Poulantzas, who during the 60's and 70's lived and worked in France. This decision signals public recognition of the fact that the Society preserves the traditional values of the radical left intellectuals. With his academic work and self-giving participation in the movement of the Left, Nicos Poulantzas rose as a prominent figure of the organic intellectual of the Left. His lifework was animated by the principles of democratic socialism and it was integrally linked with the endeavour of the Left to overcome dogmatic rigidity and to fight against any form of authoritative rule and domination.

The Society tries to fulfill its aims through the organization of seminars, conferences, workshops and lectures and the publication of books. In this context it cooperates with Greek and foreign institutes, political parties and organizations, as well as ecological, human rights and feminist groups. The ecological dimension is very important in the Society’s activities and it is for this reason that its Managing Board has recently decided to establish within the Society a special Unit for Ecological Thinking. Nicos Poulantzas Society is one of the founding members of "Transform!" European Network for Alternative Thinking and Political Dialogue. Official homepage: