I. Fundamental issues of Left parties

2. Strategy

c. Social policy 

The New European Economy and Social Welfare Reform - Hans-Jürgen Bieling Although the European Union contains very specific national models of welfare state, we may distinguish four ideal types: a social-democratic one in the Scandinavian countries; a liberal one in the British Isles; a corporatist-conservative one in continental Europe; and a post-authoritarian model in the Mediterranean region. ... >>more Basic social security as a political concept and socio-political problem - Lutz Brangsch Propositions for approaches to a common European socio-political strategy in the light of the German experience Socio-political debates often focus on the differences between the social security systems within the EU area. This might be one of the reasons for the continued dearth of joint left positions on the future of social security. ... >>more The Social is Modern, The Social is Economical - André Brie The Statue of Liberty in front of the old New York Harbour Entrance measures, together with its socket, almost 100 metres in height. The Goddess stands on the broken chains of slavery and, with its right hand, raises the torch of liberty; in her left hand, she carries the American Declaration of Independence. Originally a present to the US by France, she is at the same time the expression for the mutual influences among the American War of Independence and French Revolution as well as of the two first great Declarations of Liberty and Human Rights, the “Virginia Bill of Rights” (1776) and the “Declaration of Human and Citizens’ Rights” (1789). ... >>more The welfare state in Greece - Thanasis Maniatis The Greek welfare state is at a critical point. Its late development, the influence of both social democratic and liberal traditions and the lack of a coherent structure, the fiscal austerity inherited from the period of the integration of the country in the EMU and established afterwards, increased demands from the unemployed, the poor and an aging population, chronic demands for higher public education and public health spending, the annoying realities of intense income inequalities and high poverty rates have created a difficult but interesting situation for the analysis of the prospects and limits of social policy in a capitalist economy. ... >>more Labour Cost, Social Security and Employee Severance Funds - Felice Roberto Pizzuti There are many significant links between labour cost, social security and employee severance funds (Trattamento di Fine Rapporto – TFR). Decisions regarding each of them may affect the overall long-term development of economic and social policies in Italy through these links. ... >>more The Swedish Experience; the Decline of the "People's Home" - Stefan Sjöberg The Swedish welfare state stood at the end of the 1970s at its highest point. It was considered as an admireable example from the perspective of many other countries round the world. Since then the ”Swedish Model” has changed in many respects and it is now put under severe pressure. It seems resonable to put it like the ”People´s home” is beginning to dissolve. ... >>more