I. Fundamental issues of Left parties

6. Relation to social movements

Left-wing Parties in Comparison - Michael Chrapa

Paper for the workshop of the Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung on: “Left-wing Parties in Comparison: Basic Framework, Strategic Approaches and Success Criteria”
Topic: “Socialist Politics in Difficult Times: Tasks and Problems of the PDS in the Development of its Profile as a Left-Wing Democratic Party”


Mouvement social - bouleversements du champ politique. L’exemple français - Elisabeth Gauthier

Trois observations me semblent pouvoir introduire ces réflexions.

1. Depuis le mouvement social 1995 en France, de nouvelles formes d’engagement et de moblisations collectives y ont vu le jour. Pour certaines entre elles, on peut parler de nouvelles formes politiques. ...


“Hard Left” and “Soft Left” Antagonism? - The Transformation of the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia and its Relations to the Social Democrats - Vladimir Handl

Presented at the 4th European Conference of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation in Warsaw, October 29 – 31, 2003

>>more Subjects of Emancipation - Cornelia Hildebrandt 1. Changed Surrounding Conditions The contemporary world is characterised by a multitude of globalisation tendencies, which manifest themselves in very different ways in various parts of the world and to which different actors react with different strategies of self-globalisation. One tendency marking the overall process is that of neo-liberal “commodification” under the conditions of a post-Fordist society. ... >>more Left Parties in France - Roger Martelli Presented at the International Workshop of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation "A Comparison of Left-Wing Parties: Basic Conditions, Strategic Approaches and Criteria for Success", Berlin, 12 /13 December 2002 >>more >>French version Experiences of the European Left - Mimmo Porcaro

A contribution to the workshop “Novos desafios da esquerda na América do sul”, S.Paulo 24-26 nov. 2003

>>more Preliminary Conditions for Efficient Action of Radical Left Parties in Europe - Mimmo Porcaro

Contribution to the IVth European Conference of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, Warsaw, October 2003


>>Italian version